Final out of every game during Giants 10-game postseason winning streak in GIF form

I was just sitting here contemplating the great and wonderful mysteries of life while surfing Twitter and came across this gem of a tweet. 

Now, I like GIFs as much as the next guy, and the Giants happen to be my favortie team, so I went ahead and followed @MLBGIFs. To make things nice and tidy, I've compiled all 10 that were shared. 

So here it is, every final out during the San Francisco Giants NL record 10-game postseason winning streak.

2012 NLCS Game 5: Giants 5 Cardinals 0 - #RallyZito starts something special

2012 NLCS Game 6: Giants 6 Cardinals 1 - Vogey guts out a great performance

2012 NLCS Game 7: Giants 9 Cardinals 0 - Pence's bat, Scutaroing and all the tears

2012 World Series Game 1: Giants 8 Tigers 3 - Panda joins Reggie, Pujols, and the Babe

2012 World Seires Game 2: Giants 2 Tigers 0 - The relay throw to get Prince Fielder

2012 World Series Game 3: Giants 2 Tigers 0 - Another shutout as Crawford steps up

2012 World Series Game 4: Giants 4 Tigers 3 - Buster's HR, Theriot scoring, another title

2014 Wild Card Game: Giants 8 Pirates 0 - Crawford's Grand Slam, Bumgarner being Bumgarner

2014 NLDS Game 1: Giants 3 Nationals 2 - Jake Peavy and Joe Panik deliver

2014 NLDS Game 2: Giants 2 Nationals 1 - A record 18 innings and a Belt blast

Game 3 is Monday and Madison Bumgarner is on the hill. I can't think of a better position to be in to extend the streak. Cross your fingers!

Eric Nathanson

@2outhits on Twitter