Irrationally Rational Thinking

CSN Bay Area

So I'm sitting there watching the game last night and the stat in the above picture pops up. My first reaction was, really? The Giants bullpen? They haven't been that strong.

My second reaction is the one that i found funny. "CSN you just jinxed them!" ran through my head. I know, it's totally irrational. But I bet you do it too.

It's preposterous to think that what graphic they put up, or whatever we may say online has any bearing on the game. But we do it anyway. I call it irrationally rational.

I may watch a game to analyze it, but the fan will always come out. I'm totally guilty of it. Last night when this Koehler kid from Miami was holding the Giants hitless through the 5th, I put out the following tweet.

To be fair, I was only half paying attention. Game 7 of the NBA Finals was on. But I gotta fess up. I sent that out knowing full well the Giants didn't have a hit.

Why? Because why shouldn't my tweet from Tampa, Florida jinx this kid?

It's the same with the graphic.

Irrationally rational fandom.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Eric Nathanson
@2outhits on Twitter

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