Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another one bites the dust

Well that's it. We can put 2014 in the rearview mirror. There's no turning back. It happened.

As a San Francisco Giants fan, writer, talker, dude, this was a great year. It just can't be overstated how cool 3 titles in 5 yeas has been. I'm 35 years old and never thought I'd see one. Now 3? Pfft, It's all gravy. But I've probably said these things before.

I'm hoping that 2015 is the year in which both the Giants and I have a smooth year at the same time. Enough of just winning in even years. Let's see back-to-back titles for once! I kid because hey, they're the champs right now.

I've got a couple of year end posts up on TortureCast right now. Here are links.

Top 14 SF Giants moments from 2014 Part 1

Top 14 SF Giants moments from 2014 Part 2

I just submitted my IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot. I'll have the full ballot along with my thinking sometime later this week.

Until then, thanks so much for reading, listening, helping, and all the good things from 2014. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope we all have a great 2015.

-Eric Nathanson

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