Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Very Scientific Super Bowl Preview

Who wants another Super Bowl preview? Have you read enough about the game on Sunday in "New York"? The experts have made their picks and now it's my turn. I'm surely no expert. I write about baseball. What do I know about football? I'm a Bears fan and they have sucked a lot over the years. Like I said, I'm no expert, I'm just your average Joe Schmo fan.

What does all that mean? Well, since most years I don't have a team in the game, I like to pick a side and root. (It's not as easy as it is in baseball. I don't feel an allegiance to the NFC like i do the National League in MLB. I pretty much always root NL in the World Series.) Some years it's very easy. Any Super Bowl with the Packers or Cowboys and I'm on the other side. Other times the reasons are geographic or based on a player I may like. I rooted for the Steelers when I lived in Pennsylvania, and I'll always root for Tom Brady.

This year is different though. I've never hated either Seattle or Denver. I actually loved Denver for beating Green Bay back in the mid 90's. I bet the Broncos straight up that year with a buddy and he thought I was crazy. The only time Seattle has been in a Super Bowl I was rooting against them. My logic at the time was hating Mike Holmgren. That's out the window now. So how do I pick? Of course I want to root for the team I think is going to win the game as well. I'm not in this to feel shitty at the end. I want to cheer for a winner. So let's figure out which team gets my nod for this year's version of the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning

I have to start here. I don't want to, but I really do. The man just put together one of the greatest seasons any QB will ever have. In his second season after surgery on his neck. At the age of 37. I'm sure we've all seen the numbers by now. He set NFL records with 5,477 yards passing, 55 touchdowns, and the Broncos scored a record 606 points. Just mind boggling numbers. A Super Bowl title would be the icing on the cake.

It's a great story and all. Just not my cup of tea. While I do want to root for the man that got rid of Tim Tebow, there's just too much stacked against Mr. Manning. For starters, he beat my Bears in a Super Bowl. It is true that Rex freaking Grossman was the QB for the Bears that day, but I still hold a grudge with Peyton. Secondly, the man is a spokesman for Papa John's. While you may love their pizza, I hate their labor practices. Bad endorsement choice Peyton.
Advantage: Seattle

Offense vs. Defense

This is the fourth championship game since the merger to feature the no. 1 scoring offense against the no.1 scoring defense. We've all heard the phrase "defense wins championships". In those other 4 games that was true for 3 of them. I grew up a Bears fan with Buddy Ryan's "46" defense. I love watching teams that can take the ball away and bang up a quarterback. It's exactly what the 1985 Bears team did.
Advantage: Seattle

The Stoner Bowl

Washington and Colorado legalize pot and get the added bonus of seeing their teams in the Super Bowl. It's almost not fair to the rest of the country. Why do they get everything and I'm sitting here in miserable weather (for Florida) dreaming of baseball? It's almost as if the states are getting rewarded for being forward thinkers. I say good for them, and I hope fans of both teams enjoy this high they're on.
Advantage: Taco Bell


It's the word that we've heard a million times by now. My good friend has a theory about "Omaha". When you say the word, it helps clear your voice out. We already know Peyton says it to let his teammates know the snap is coming. I think Peyton uses "Omaha" for both purposes, and it's genius. I'm pretty sure Eli does it too so I wonder if it's a family trade secret. Very smart move by a smart quarterback.

But again, he just picked the wrong city for this fan. Sticking with the theme from the last point, when I was in my early 20's I rode on a Greyhound bus across the country. Omaha was a city that had an extended layover, something like 5 hours. To pass the time I decided to find a guy with weed. I mean it's a city bus station, it's not hard to find a guy like that. It turned out to be fake weed. The guy was nowhere to be found. Ever since then I have absolutely hated Omaha. So fuck Omaha, I can't root for you.
Advantage: Seattle


John Fox has been to the Super Bowl as a head coach, Pete Carroll has not. Is it that big of a deal? Carolina lost to Brady and the Pats with Fox at the helm. Experience is a plus, but not a must have. Back in the glory days at USC, Carroll was in the spotlight all the time. His teams played in multiple championship games. This is not a game that scares the seemingly care free coach up in Seattle. John Fox reminds me of a lifetime gym teacher while Pete Carroll is just the enthusiastic dad that gets neighborhood kids together for a game.

After having heart surgery I'm sure John Fox would feel a whole lot better holding the Lombardi trophy. For all the love I have for Pete Carroll, It's hard to go against a guy that could have been dead just a few weeks ago.
Advantage: Denver

Wild Cards

We all know what Peyton Manning can do. It's well established that Seattle has one of the greatest defenses of all time. Those things are set in stone. What we don't know is who will be the wild card players to impact the outcome of Sunday's Super Bowl.

For Denver, Montee Ball and Knowshon Moreno probably need to help Manning out with some yardage. For Seattle, I think it falls on Wilson, Harvin and Lynch. If they get going early, it may be hard to come back on the Seattle D.
Advantage: Seattle

I think you see where I am going with my pick. Although I am impressed by Manning and the Broncos offense, I just think Seattle will get to him and cause problems all game. The cold weather is not a factor for the game in "New York". It's supposed to be right around 40 degrees at kickoff and that's not freezing at all. It's good football weather. The teams will decide the game on the field as intended. In the end though, I expect to see Pete Carroll grinning ear to ear.

Look at that, I did a whole preview and didn't mention Richard Sherman once. You're welcome.

Seattle 27, Denver 23.

Eric Nathanson

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