Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goodbye Tumbleweeds

Is this thing on?


Is there anyone still out there? Does this thing still work?

Oh, OK. Here we go.

What's up folks?  It's been tumbleweeds around here for a while, huh? Seems like I should shake the rust off a little bit.

We're midway through January 2014 and it's time to get this cranking again. If you didn't already know (and if not, welcome to the party), I had been writing for Around The Foghorn over on the Fansided network of blogs these past few months.

Recently though, I've decided to step away and concentrate my efforts here. I will still be contributing over there from time to time, but the bulk of my writing will be right here from now on.

I want to thank Around The Foghorn and specifically Melissa, Denise, and Chris. You gave me opportunities to grow as a writer and talker of baseball  I have learned much more than I expected. You're all great people and I love the AtF family.

So where was I again? Oh yea, I remember now. It's that I'm planning on putting something new up on a daily basis. It's not going to always be San Francisco Giants or even baseball centric. But there will be something new up every single day. Now that doesn't mean if I miss a day that you should tweet me and remind me dear friends. We all have lives that get in the way. But you get the point.

I've got some ideas for a weekly umpire related theme post. I started umpiring at the age of 10 and continued for 20 years. Back in 2004 I even went to school in Daytona Beach to try and break in professionally. I've got some great stories from those 6 weeks that I will share over the next few months. 

I'll be in Arizona for a weekend of Spring Training in early March. You can bet that I will be writing while in Scottsdale. Other than that I have no real set plan on what I'll be writing about for the time being. I'm going to take it as it comes. 

You can bet money though that 4 posts a week will be about baseball. Let's face it, that's what I know. It's the reason I started to write in the first place. You don't leave your true love, you foster it. So that's what I'm shooting for now.

There's a podcast in the works. I'm not sure when it will be up and running. Baseball will be dominant but not the only thing discussed. I may end up spending all my time defending Jay Cutler. That's something non baseball I definitely feel strongly about. I love that guy and can't understand why Bears fans don't want him as the leader. Sigh, I'll leave that for another day.

It's good to be back. I'm glad you've stopped by. Keep on coming back. I mean, I can only get better at this, right? 

Eric Nathanson
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