Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Change In Plans


As many of you have read here before I will be going to San Francisco for my first time ever on August 23rd.  My family is making the trip to honor my father who passed last year. 

I had planned on doing a meet up before the August 24th Giants game against the Pirates.

But there's been a change in plans. Unfortunately I won't be able to meet up before the game. You see, I'll probably already be inside AT&T Park. 

Once again I will be attending a Giants game as a memeber of the media.

This gives me the chance to cover the Giants for a day. Then I can come as fan the next day and enjoy the park, and the afternoon, with my family. 

Of course, if you are at Sunday's game and want to say hi, just let me know.

So I will be covering the first ever Giants home game I attend from the press box on Saturday August 24th.

But alas, that does not mean I don't want to meet up. I surely do, and we will.

I figure I will station myself somewhere in the park for an inning or two during the game so some of us can get together and meet. I'll tweet out the details as we get closer and also on that day. There are so many of you I can't wait to see.

As far as after the game, I would love to hang out somewhere nearby and enjoy a Saturday night after Giants baseball.

I'll figure out where, when I'm in town. Again, I will tweet the details that day as well.

I look forward to covering the Giants that day from the press box, and am excited to see many of you that weekend.

In other news, that weekend will probably be the last you see of the Giants on this blog for a while. You see, I have joined on as a staff writer at Around The Foghorn. So I hope you'll come on over there and check us out.

I plan on putting all of my Giants writing efforts into stuff over there. That doesn't mean I am closing shop, far from it. It just means that now I have 2 Out Hits to write about other things and expand over many topics.

So thank you all that have come here for Giants baseball, don't go away just yet, a lot more is coming next weekend.

Eric Nathanson
Catch me on Twitter @2outhits

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